Press Release

AR Optics Startup LetinAR Raises $3.6m in Series A Funding

“We have developed PinMR™ technology, a new way to overcome the technical barriers that have long existed in the AR industry. LetinAR PinMR™ optical solution boasts much more superior performance than existing counterparts,” said LetinAR CEO Jaehyeok Kim.

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Display Daily _ LetinAR Discusses Unique Pin Mirror AR HMD Design

This bypasses the problem with other AR systems where it is desirable to put the plane of the virtual image in the same plane as the real, see-through image. (…) Reports from people who have seen the LetinAR demonstration at CES or MWC are that the display is surprisingly bright. (…)

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KGOnTech _ CES 2018 (Part 1 – AR Overview)

LetinAR is small Korean startup that has clear optics with “pin mirrors” embedded it that look like one or more dots in the clear material from far away. Their multi-pin-mirror 70-degree element is shown in the picture. (…)

The fascinating thing about their technology is that while it seems very simple, the resultant image light has a very high “f-number” which results in the image being in-focus regardless of where your eye is focused, and also a result, the image is very sharp. (…)

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