Press Release

Yahoo Finance _ LetinAR Co., Ltd. Attends MWC 2018 with Newly Developed Optics (..)

This year, LetinAR Co., Ltd. attended MWC for the first time, challenged long-standing problems of Augmented Reality by introducing novel optical technology. At MWC 2018, the quadrupled high-resolution demos compared to CES 2018 was revealed, and by arranging a private meeting, selected partners were introduced to current developing next-generation lenses.

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Aving _ LetinAR, a Solution to Help to Enjoy AR without Dizziness

LetinAR has successfully developed solely ‘Pin mirror’ technology, which shows images of virtual objects clearly at close range, using a very small reflector. While other company’s augmented reality device was just for looking at virtual objects from a meter away, with LetinAR’s ‘Pin mirror’ lens, it is possible to see clearly and control virtual objects without dizziness at 25cm in front of the user’s eyes. (…)

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KGOnTech _ CES 2018 (Part 1 – AR Overview)

LetinAR is small Korean startup that has clear optics with “pin mirrors” embedded it that look like one or more dots in the clear material from far away. Their multi-pin-mirror 70-degree element is shown in the picture. (…)

The fascinating thing about their technology is that while it seems very simple, the resultant image light has a very high “f-number” which results in the image being in-focus regardless of where your eye is focused, and also a result, the image is very sharp. (…)

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