KEPLAR™ Glasses are a ‘Key Player’ AR smartglasses in a small actual glasses-type form factor, with a four times wider immersive virtual screen, a better look with a triple-sized lens compared to its previous product.

AR Smartglasses

Simple, Compact, and Efficient AR Optics

With its proprietary PinTILT™ and PinMR™ (”Pin Mirror™) technology, LetinAR’s optical system delivers the utmost clear images to the eyes and provides complete privacy and clear artificial images and real-world vision at the same time without any interference.

CES 2023 Innovation Awards

LetinAR is awarded CES 2023 Innovation Awards.

LetinAR will keep its vision to change how humankind sees the world fundamentally.

Thank you to all of the CES Innovation Awards committee for recognizing the difference we are making in this world.

LetinAR will exhibit the latest PinTILT™ Optical Solution with four times wider FoV at CES 2023.

LetinAR @ CES 2023

LetinAR will demonstrate the progress of the most advanced of its proprietary PinTILT™ and PinMR™ AR optical solutions at CES 2023.

The best-in-class “B40” AR optical system with a powerful 45 ° 1080p performance and improved real-world transmission capabilities will be introduced.

Please contact for onsite meeting.