LetinAR Raises $3.6m in Series A Funding

LetinAR develops an optical system for AR smart glasses, which plays the same role as smartphone displays. The optical system consists of LetinAR’s self-developed “Pin Mirror (PinMR™) lens” and a microdisplay made by external partners.

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LetinAR @ CES 2019

LetinAR successfully demonstrated the potential of PinMR™ lens replacing existing optical systems at the CES and MWC in 2018. In 2019, LetinAR is set to demonstrate its mechanism and actual working samples at the CES and MWC.

Visitors may request a meeting by visiting the link.

The meeting schedule will be confirmed in December 2018.

Pin Mirror (“PinMR™”) Tech enables the whole new experience

LetinAR has applied the so-called “Pinhole Effect” to tiny mirrors and embedded them with eyeglass lenses. Respective PinMR™ reflects the light from a microdisplay and guides the light into human pupils. Users may view the virtual image from the microdisplay as well as the image from the real world at ease. Human eyes cannot detect the mirrors because the mirrors are smaller than human pupils. Only the virtual image formed by the light reflected by those mirrors becomes visual.