PinTILT™ Technology


PinTILT™ introduces an innovative optical structure that supersedes conventional waveguide (exit pupil expansion) and birdbath (pupil forming) structures. By integrating two separate functions of pupil expansion and pupil forming into a unified design, it successfully overcomes limitations in thickness, size, power consumption, and other various aspects.

  • All-Day
  • All-in-One
  • All-Around


For an augmented reality device to be used throughout the day, it must possess specific characteristics, such as being lightweight, having a long battery life, providing a clear exterior view when not in use, and displaying a wide and clear virtual image that draws users in. The PinTILT™ technology is the only optical solution that fulfills all of these requirements.

Comfortable fit from the lightweight for all-day use

The PinTILT™ technology presents a pupil expansion function that allows for a slim lens; it employs an angle expansion mechanism, rather than multiples of total internal reflection that a conventional waveguide uses. This mechanism greatly reduces the required precision in manufacturing, enabling production through plastic injection molding. As a result, the PinTILT™ design is compact and the material is lightweight, making it possible for all day use possible.

Low power consumption through high optical efficiency

The PinTILT™ technology features a pupil-forming function that minimizes excess light. It selectively transmits lights only in the direction required for forming an eye box, thereby enhancing optical efficiency and delivering a vivid, well-defined virtual image with low power consumption.

Optical See-through

The PinTILT™ technology features an optimal architecture that delivers the best optical see-through quality, completely free of diffraction artifacts such as rainbow glare, ghosting, or sunglass effects.

Wide FOV, High Resolution

The PinTILT™ technology offers superior quality in terms of virtual image resolution and field of view, which are essential for providing a satisfying augmented reality experience. Even if an AR device is comfortable to wear for long periods and has a long battery life, its AR quality is what matters most to consumers. Therefore, it’s important not to be misled by products that use high refractive index resin or special diffractive components. With the PinTILT™ technology, you can have a wide field of view of more than 150 degrees with sharp image quality, achieved through the use of standard 1.5 refractive index materials


The PinTILT™ technology has its strength in the simplicity of integrated design.

A lens that is both lightweight and robust, without the need for a protective cover

A conventional waveguide is constructed with glass and has a DOE or HOE on its surface, which makes it vulnerable to external stress and increases the risk of breakage. In contrast, the PinTILT™ lens is built from polymer, and all its optical components are located inside. This structure ensures that the lens remains intact even if it is dropped. Furthermore, the lens can be strengthened further with an additional AF or AR hard coating.

A utilization of injection molding, offering simplification of the production process and advantages for mass production

The manufacturing process of the material precedes the material itself. Even if a lens is crafted from versatile plastic, it is rendered useless if it relies on polishing techniques. LetinAR's PinTILT™ lens is fabricated using the conventional injection molding method, enabling mass production through a straightforward yet efficient process that includes injection, coating, assembly, cutting, and joining.


No trade-offs, All-around

LetinAR’s PinTILT™ technology exceeds the trade-off limits and meets all user requirements, resulting in optimized product completeness and performance.

Market Flexibility

The PinTILT™ structure offers diverse variations, specifically designed to cater to the unique demands of every consumer. These variations include the basic type, suitable for car HUD, the A-type, perfect for googles, and the B-type, well-matched for glasses. With such versatility, the PinTILT™ technology ensures the most optimal performance in all application fields.

Smart Glasses

Smart Goggles


Display Flexibility

The PinTILT™ technology can be readily integrated with a range of commercially available displays, including OLEDoS, microLED, LCOS, and LCD, ensuring consumers’ diverse needs are met. Whether it be for a more affordable, brighter, or more reliable AR device, LetinAR can provide the optimal solution by selecting the appropriate display.

Combiner Flexibility

The PinTILT™ technology not only supports Pin Mirrors but also enables the use of a wide range of combiners made from different materials. This includes various combiner components like half mirrors, HOEs, DOEs, dielectric coatings, or polarization that are typically utilized in traditional waveguide and birdbath structures, and can be efficiently applied to the PinTILT™ structure.