Pin Mirror (“PinMR™”) Lens Module

With smaller form factor, larger FoV (Field of View), wider DoF (Depth of Field) in addition with accurate color expression, LetinAR PinMR™ will be capable of replacing existing optical systems for AR glasses. LetinAR PinMR™ Lens can be produced with a simpler manufacturing process than traditional optical systems.

LetinAR plans to supply PinMR™ Lens as a complete module, which consists of PinMR™ lens and a microdisplay from external partners.

LetinAR PinMR™ Module will be offered on order-basis, and samples will be available for purchase at from later this year, making it possible for smart glasses manufacturers to evaluate the potential of using PinMR™ lens for their own products.


PinMR™ Lens Module Specification

General use side-mounted optical module. Infinite DOF and wide FOV.

Resolution: Lens covers up to 16K, depends on Display
FOV: Diagonal ~88°
Lens Thickness: 3.0 – 4.5mm
Color: Full-Color Expression
Image Focal Plane: Nearby – Infinity
Configuration: Side or Top mounted
Orientation: Vertical or Horizontal
Transparency: 80-95%