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Pin Mirror

PinMR™, Next-generation AR optic technology

Numerous AR global leaders have been diversely attempting to endeavor to develop AR devices using the Half-Mirror Combiner, Diffractive/Holographic Waveguide or Geometrical Waveguide, yet they have not met end-users’ needs and expectations. This is mainly owing to bulky form factors, narrow FoV, poor color expression, high prices, and costly and complex manufacturing mainly caused by the complex structure of the optical system. All these issues vitiate the widespread commercialization of AR devices.

PinMR™ technology LetinAR invented was inspired by the pinhole effect, the process of placing a pinhole before the human retina resulting in clearer images of the object. By switching pinholes with tiny mirrors, the light from a micro-display can be reflected and guided into the pupils. The mirrors are invisible to the human eye – seamlessly along with real-world images. PinMR™ with its incomparable performance resolves the issues identified by consumers and AR companies so far, establishing itself as the frontrunner of the field.

Small Form Factor

This facilitates better wearability with designs almost identical to eyeglasses.

Expandable Eyebox and Field of View

Depending on the purpose, smart glasses manufacturers can adjust the size of Eyebox as well as FoV.

Extended DoF

PinMR™ Lens can also show a clear image without inducing dizziness because it is able to extend the Depth of Field (DoF) multiple times.

High Optical Efficiency

This produces clearer images as well as reduce power consumption, which brings lighter hardware and longer hours in use.

Patented PinMR™ Technology

PinMR™ optical solutions consist of PinMR™ optic lenses and a micro-display. There are two types of PinMR™ optical lenses – the one for Eyeglasses having small form-factor with adequate performance, or the one for Goggles with the highest performance. The smart glasses manufacturers are also able to order the customized version of PinMR™ to deal with various customer needs.

Technical Specifications of the PinMR™ optic lenses are available based on request.

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